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COP21: how COOLNOMIX® can transform negotiations

11 December 2015

COOLNOMIX Cool News - COP21: how COOLNOMIX can transform negotiations

“Negotiators from 196 countries are trying to reach a deal at the climate change conference in Paris to curb global warming. A draft deal was reached [week ending Dec 5, 2015] but key issues still remain, including a long-term goal to reduce emissions from burning coal, oil and gas”; so BBC News reports on Dec 8, 20151.

Centre-stage in the key issues is the fundamental disagreement between developing and developed economies over who should carry the main burden of reducing emissions. And yet, COOLNOMIX® could transform these negotiations. A very bold claim! How can this be substantiated?

Let’s set the scene. Going into COP21, the UN headlined “…a compact to curb greenhouse gas emissions by 454 megatons by 2020”; this is based on commitments from 2,000 cities around the world. One way of assessing the significance of these commitments is to measure them against the benchmark of global emissions in 20102. Based on this measure, the commitments amount to a reduction on the 2010 figures of 1.1%; and, of course, emissions have been rising since then.

Now let’s compare that to what COOLNOMIX® could achieve in Hong Kong where the commercial sector accounts for 66% consumption of all electrical power generated here3. Air-conditioning alone accounts for 30% of all the commercial sector electrical power consumption meaning this sector consumes 20% of all the generated electricity. While the worldwide average energy savings delivered by COOLNOMIX® on air-conditioners is 40%, for the purposes of this assessment, let’s assume a discounted 30% energy savings. The simple calculation that falls out of these numbers is that with ubiquitous deployment of COOLNOMIX® on commercial air-conditioners in Hong Kong we can deliver a 6% reduction in energy consumption.

The UN’s global commitment of 1.1% reduction against 2010 emissions versus an illustrative reduction of present-day electricity generation emissions by a whopping 6%!

That’s how COOLNOMIX® could transform the COP21 negotiations.


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