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COOLNOMIX® selected for US Government ESTCP

22 July 2015

COOLNOMIX Cool News - COOLNOMIX selected for US Government ESTCP

COOLNOMIX® has been selected by the US Department of Defense for entry into their prestigious 2015 Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP).

From several hundred submissions to this program, COOLNOMIX® is one of only 10 selected for 2015 and the only technology addressing energy savings on cooling systems – both air-conditioners and refrigerators. This is significant confirmation of COOLNOMIX®’s progress across more than 25 countries in which we are achieving average savings of 40% on air-conditioners and 30% on refrigerators.

You can view the DoD’s announcement of COOLNOMIX®’s entry into the program by clicking here and scrolling down to “ESTCP PROJECTS: Energy and Water”. And you can locate a description of the EW-201513 project by clicking here.

Our distribution partner in the US, CoolGreenPower ( has led the work for successful entry into ESTCP. In this they collaborated with Fraunhofer USA (, an established DoD contractor and a division of a world-renowned application research organization. It is clear Fraunhofer has staked their considerable reputation on supporting the submission of COOLNOMIX® to US DoD.

COOLNOMIX® will now enter many months of rigorous testing for both air-conditioning and refrigeration in live DoD sites in hot-dry and hot-humid environments. This costly testing program is funded by the DoD and has the purpose of certifying COOLNOMIX® to be an energy savings standard technology for DoD sites and other US Government agencies.

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