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COOLNOMIX® Refrigeration Case Study: >24% Savings

19 August 2013

COOLNOMIX Cool News - COOLNOMIX Refrigeration Case Study: >24% Savings

We’re grateful to Shine and Shine (, a Hong Kong-based fresh fruit juice manufacturer, for agreeing to the publication of this Case Study about energy savings delivered by COOLNOMIX® on their business-critical refrigeration systems.

Helen Yu, Director of Finance at Shine and Shine says: “COOLNOMIX® from Agile8 has been an excellent investment for us. To be honest, when I first witnessed the results I danced with excitement”.

Key benefits achieved by this deployment of COOLNOMIX® include:

  • reducing refrigeration electricity consumption by >24% yielding a payback on investment of less than 12 months
  • stopping all icing of the cooling system allowing Shine and Shine to disable the automated routine heating for de-icing
  • removing the risk to ISO compliance by stopping space temperature spikes during de-icing cycles

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You can download the full Case Study here: Shine and Shine Case Study.

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