Air conditioning and refrigeration energy optimization solutions

COOLNOMIX® delivers world-beating energy savings on air-conditioners and refrigerators. Since the worldwide commercial launch of COOLNOMIX® in October 2012, energy and cost savings have been enjoyed by customers from many different industrial sectors through deployment of this technology. COOLNOMIX® is consistently providing awesome savings:


  • An average 40% savings on air-conditioners of any kind and any size
  • An average 30% savings on manufacturing, F&B and retail refrigerators


COOLNOMIX UnitsWith such massive energy savings, in many climates around the world COOLNOMIX® delivers reductions on electricity bills of between 20 - 30%!


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COOLNOMIX® is an energy savings technology developed and produced in Hong Kong by Agile8 Consulting Limited ( with a worldwide patent published in February 2014. Agile8's objective with COOLNOMIX® is to reduce the worldwide operating costs of refrigerant-based cooling systems by 30%. We believe our achievements to date have put us on a good track to realise this ambition.

COOLNOMIX® makes use of our unique, patented process called Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS®)ORS® optimizes the run-time of cooling system compressors and ensures that operating costs are always in step with required comfort/space cooling needs.

All genuine COOLNOMIX® products carry our trademark: